I don’t know why, but these bio pages always seem to be written in the third person…despite them usually being written by the owner of the site.

richard fletcher way of the gentleman

I don’t know how to pose for photographs

So, here goes my attempt:

“Richard Fletcher is a great human. He was born in 1979 and lives in Manchester, England with his girlfriend Alice and cat Gwen.

He loves his mother and is kind to animals.

He is also terrible at posing for staged photographs (see image on the right for evidence of this).”

But let’s be honest…you don’t care about any of that.

I’m guessing you only care about one thing…

Can Richard and his team help you?

Well the honest answer is…I don’t know. (FYI I’m back to writing in the first person again).

I definitely CAN’T help you if:

1. You Still Believe in Magic Lines, Fairies at The Bottom of the Garden or Flat Earth

If you want to attract and keep the women you REALLY want in your life (as opposed to having a string of meaningless encounters with women you don’t even like)…

…it’s time to throw away the notion that there is some magic ‘cheat code’ or ‘3 simple questions’ you can ask to get any girl.

Yes, I know it’s very appealing to think that you can learn a few words, then recite them when the time comes…and ANY woman you want is yours.

The reality is – the women you want will not want you until you learn to unlock your masculine power.

You can try “learning game” instead if you prefer…

…but trust me from experience when I say it takes a lot longer, is way more difficult and doesn’t work nearly as well..

2. You’re Lazy or Entitled

Some men think they somehow deserve the perfect girlfriend, despite seemingly putting zero effort into their appearance, career, confidence or personality.

Listen – EVERY GUY wants the best women. You have to be willing to do something that sets you apart from the crowd.

And that usually requires work on your part. It doesn’t have to require a LOT of work (if you’re the right kind of man, we can get you there in weeks, rather than needing years of painful graft like I did) – but you do need to be committed.

If you want to be exceptional, you have to be willing to do exceptional things.

3. You’re Only Out For Yourself

Weak men let people walk all over them. Assholes walk all over people. The men who train with me want the very best for themselves. But they also want the very best for everyone they meet (win/win).

This is about WAY more than just getting laid. When you uncover your masculine power, you bring out the best in yourself and others…

…in other words, you get what you want and so do the gorgeous women you attract.

Still Here?


Great! I’m glad you’re of a similar mind.


So you’re maybe thinking – what’s next?


Here’s the deal – society doesn’t want you to succeed with women, or in life in general.




There are a number of reasons, but the most common is the following:


Unhappy, unfulfilled people make better consumers, or more simply…

You buy more stuff.


Society attempts to fill your head full of lies in order to keep us from the life you deserve.


That’s why I’ve created a free webinar called “Society’s 3 Biggest Lies That Keep Good Men Lonely” (and how to meet your dream girl without pickup or 6-pack abs).

I also give you the chance to speak to one of my coaching team for free, to understand how these lies are hurting you right now….and what do to about it.


But you only get that chance if you watch the webinar first.